October 2 – Road Trip to Imbabura Province

Wilson picked us up on schedule and we headed out of town – north towards Cotacachi. Once out of Quito, he said he wanted to try out his new truck on some back roads.  Who were we to complain, this was why we came back to Ecuador in the first place, to see parts of the country that tourists do not get to see.  We headed into the back country on some dirt roads, always climbing.  Much of the land was farmed, already harvested or waiting for the fall rainy season to kick in so planting could begin again.

Our first stop was a very small village (Zuleta) where the local craft was embroidery.  Way back in time, settlements were organized by what craft was done in the area.  Each town had its specialty.  We stopped into a shop to have a look at the local handiwork.  The workmanship was beautiful…

Our next stop was into the city of Ibarra.  This is a larger city, the capital of Imbabura province,  with lots of shopping, a hospital, and many amenities.  Wilson treated us to some ice cream – the freshest you could ever get – made right before your eyes in large ice cube lined brass bowls with fresh ingredients…Yummy!

Ibarra is a vibrant city with many parks, lots of shopping, and churches…

 We drove up to a lookout over the city which is situated alongside a beautiful lake/reservoir.  The mountains surrounding the city are all volcanoes….stunning views.

The day was coming to a close and Wilson had a surprise for us!  We headed up the mountinside towards a friend’s home where we had a tour of the property and then were treated to a traditional meal – complete with Cuy – an Ecuadorian staple – guinea pig! (tastes like chicken…LOL)…

The company was great, the food awesome, and that ended our third day in Ecuador, part 2.


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